Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lagunya Mbak Gabrielle


We've come too far we can't turn back
Have our good days, have our bad
When I'm feeling blue
You say that I'm hurting you

We try so hard not to fight
But sometimes we cross the line
And I wanna leave
But you won't let me

We have our highs and lows
Just like everybody else
Doesn't mean that we walk away
We work through our mistakes

Sometimes I love you
Sometimes I don't
But I never ever
Never want to let you go

The road's not easy
But the feeling's strong
It's the little things that keep me holding on

We're both guilty of mistakes
Though you rarely take the blame
Are you coming through
I hate you

But it's not mistakes in life you make
It's the good you do along the way
The dues you pay

We have our highs and lows
Something everybody knows
Doesn't mean that we run away
We work through our mistakes


Of all the crazy things in life there's pain
It's you and me
We've come so far sometimes I can't believe
That I wouldn't change a thing

(Chorus x 3)

*dapet lagu ini pas gw nyewa OST-nya Love Actually, musti nyanyiin lagu ini nih kalo karaokeh, kan saya penggemarnya Gabrielle...tadi dah sempet latihan beduaan Ridho, kapan kita karaoke Yang?:D*